It's morning at Mata Chica, the women's resort.  Mandy, Valerie, and Shannon are forced into narrowing their field of singles down to just one; "the one" who will accompany them on their final, intense dream date. As the men have done in the last episode. 

Mark and the  three women are  the beach, he  calls for the single men to line up at the water's edge. Just like the single women did.  But, before Mark has the girls reveal their choices, he turns to Valerie and Shannon and says, "Mandy wanted to ask your permission for something that she wanted to do. The rules were, that you could only go on the final date with someone you've already dated. Mandy wants to know if you will allow her to include somebody on her list that is not somebody that she's technically dated.." Her idea: Mandy wants to include all of the guys that went on the triple date too, since they were "technically" all together on one date. Mark asks, "Valerie? Shannon? Is that okay with you?" The two girls give Mandy the go ahead to widen her selection of single guys.

Mark hands each of the girls a bouquet of tropical flowers to give to the single they choose. He tells  the single guys that six of them will go home today, and three will remain, for a very intimate, dream date. Mark says, "We're gonna start with Shannon. Will the four guys that went out with Shannon please step forward?" Dano, Tom, Matt, and Charlie step forward. Shannon looks  at all the guys, then walks straight to Tom with the bouquet. Tom gives Shannon a huge hug. Tom says, he had tons of doubts that he'd be the one Shannon would choose. Shannon says, she had to pick him. "He's on the same page as me and I think we connect."

Mark says, "Valerie, you are next. Will the guys that dated Valerie, please step forward." Jon, Matt, Evan, Dano, and Charlie step forward, and Valerie walks toward the guys. Valerie expresses what a difficult decision this was, and that she really only decided who to take within the last two days. She says she originally wanted to choose Jon, but because of the intimate setting she will be in during the date, she decided to go with Dano because "Dano is really upbeat," and she needs someone to take her mind off of what could transpire at the end.

Mark turns his attention to Mandy, and asks the singles that she has dated to step forward. Keith was voted off, leaving Johnny, Tom who was already taken by Shannon, Matt, and Jon whom was included at Mandy's request at the last minute because of the triple date status. They all laugh for a second about most of the guys she dated being gone. Mandy jumping from one guy to another but she ends up handing bouquet to Jon, and throws herself in his arms. Mandy says she is intrigued by John's shyness and quiet intelligence. She says, "When I first met him, I thought he was standoffish, but then I realized he was just shy." Mandy remarks, that her goal on this date is to discover why Jon puts "good knots" in her stomach. Jon says he's stunned that he was chosen since he and Mandy haven't spent much time together, although he adds, "They really do have a good bond." We can see the disappointment and pain  in Johnny's eyes.

Later that morning, we catch up with Ytossie and Taheed who have been on the other side of the island, alone, since they were removed from the mix. Taheed says that for the first time since they arrived, they've finally had the chance to talk about their issues. In a conversation that quickly escalates into an argument, Ytossie tells Taheed that the time spent talking wasn't always pleasant, especially because Taheed decided to share information about his date with "Alabama." ( about her being the girl he kissed) 

He also tells Ytossie of his disappointment in the fact that she didn't communicate with him through video messages. Ytossie doubts Taheed's sincerity and reveals, "I just hate when he turns things around, and he's the angel, and I'm just the psychopath." Ytossie tells Taheed she was really bothered by the fact that he made her watch a video at the bonfire of his date with LaWonna. Ytossie says the sight of that video egged her on to go back to her camp at Mata Chica and jump in the jacuzzi and party with the single guys. She also reveals that she kissed Evan and Johnnie. The fight ends with Taheed striking the final, verbal blow at Ytossie yelling, "You don't have to worry about Temptation Island as far as doing what you want to do. If you want to go ahead and be vindictive, go ahead and do it somewhere else." In a final jab at Ytossie, Taheed adds, "You bring on your woes Y."

The morning passes into afternoon, and Taheed reflects on his and Ytossie's argument, as they set off for the rest of the day on a date. Taheed says the date was filled with mixed emotions. He confides that their tour guide, Scuba Steve and his fiancée, shared similar stories of relationship woes. ( we are shown clips ) Taheed confesses that it was very therapeutic. Ytossie reminisces about how Taheed romanced her in the beginning of their relationship by cooking her a gourmet dinner, giving her a card with a heartfelt note, and drawing her a bath and bathing her. She says, "He really listened to me then, and it was the first time a man ever acted that way around me." This "pow wow" appears to diffuse Ytossie and Taheed's ongoing feud, and gives them a moment to consider how disposable or indisposable their relationship really is. Taheed tells Scuba Steve and his fiancée that he just wants to get off the roller coaster that he and Ytossie have been on for so long. Taheed acknowledges in a private moment, that for the first time, he felt that he and Ytossie were communicating by the end of the date.

At Mata Chica, the women's resort, the single men that haven't been chosen to stay pack their belongings and make their way to boat at the end of the dock. Matt reflects on how unbelievable his trip has been, how he wasn't surprised at whom the women had chosen for their final dates, and how happy he is for the men that were chosen. The three women and the chosen men, escort the singles to the end of the dock, some, hand in hand, all exchanges well wishes, hugs and bittersweet good-byes. Matt says he can't help but wonder if Tom and Shannon will "get together" considering Shannon considers herself on "down time." Matt mentions that he is very happy that Dano got picked for a final date because Dano has such a great attitude. The boat with the remaining single men pulls away from the dock, and all wave goodbye to each other. As the boat disappears over the horizon, Matt's last prediction is that John and Mandy will have a great time, but he wonders if Mandy will "cross the line."

At the same time, at Captain Morgan's retreat, the single girls that haven't been chosen for a date drag their suitcases out of their cabanas and head for their awaiting boat. Megan reflects on the last couple of weeks, saying that her time on the island was amazing. Carla says she is bummed that she's missing out on the big, final crazy date, but she definitely thinks that the right girls were picked for the right guys, and that the girls that were picked are also the right ones that will help the boys figure out what they want in a mate.

Emotional good-byes and hugs abound, as the girls board their boat, one bye one. Megan gives emotional hugs to each of the three men, and says, sniffling with tears in her eyes, "I feel like I've been through a lot during this experience and I feel like I've been way more honest than I ever wanted to be. I feel like I should be holding it together a little more than I am. The only thing I was concerned about was that Kaya wouldn't know that I really did feel the way that I did, and I needed him to know that I wasn't faking it. We hadn't had a chance to talk about it even."

Night falls on Temptation Island, and it's time for Ytossie and Taheed to sit down with Mark and make their final decision on if they should stay together or if they should break up. Mark sits down with Ytossie and asks her if the journey that she experienced on Temptation Island helped her answer all her questions about her relationship with Taheed. Ytossie replies, shaking her head, "Not totally. No."

Mark asks her, "When you think about Taheed in a positive way, what is it about him that makes you love him?" Ytossie answers, "What you guys see. He's a charmer." Ytossie goes on to explain that basically, with Taheed, "What you see isn't what you get, when you're in a romantic relationship with him." When Mark asks Ytossie what she thinks Taheed's expectations of their relationship is at this point, Ytossie sighs, she has no idea. Mark asks her if she cares, and Ytossie says, "To a certain extent." Mark asks if she's prepared to hear Taheed tell her that he wants to be with her forever, and rebuild the trust that they used to have. Ytossie says, "He won't say that because part of our conversations had to do with him agreeing to go to counseling. So, he's definitely not ready for that." Mark is stunned at her reaction. Mark then tells Ytossie that he's going to speak to Taheed separately about his feelings about their relationship, and afterwards, he will reunite them to find out where they stand as a couple. Ytossie leaves the  room.

Taheed comes into the room. Mark asks Taheed why they originally came to Temptation Island, and Taheed replies, he wanted to let this be "Ytossie's thing." Taheed says, "I had no intentions of doing anything outside the box, outside our relationship, to prove my trust. But, I also just wanted to find out, how close we were in our relationship. And, to answer your question, I don't know if all of the answers have really taken place." Mark asks Taheed, "What is it about Ytossie that made you love her when you loved her?" Taheed responds, "All the cheating and all that stuff aside, she's always been there for me, and I think, one of the things that she first told me when I first met her is, she loves too much. It's almost a compulsive, obsessive type of love." Mark asks Taheed if the time he and Ytossie have spent together was like normal time at home. Taheed tells Mark that they "did go there" about their issues several times, and that the time together was mostly good, and that it was a lot like getting to know each other, all over again. Mark prepares Taheed for reuniting with Ytossie by suggesting that Ytossie's point of view and Taheed's point of view regarding the last week, may be different. Mark asks Taheed if he's prepared for that, and Taheed responds, "Absolutely!"

Mark reunites Taheed and Ytossie and instructs them that this is the time to speak their mind and tell each other the decision they've each made about their relationship. Taheed volunteers to speak first. "Ytossie, we've been together for five years, and out of that five years we've done something miraculous, and had a son together, and I think both of us love him from the bottom of our hearts. I know we've had our trials and tribulations, but, I don't want to say I've wasted five years. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I love you and I hope you love me too. I know that we've said that we're going to try to get some help because we need it, so we continue on with our relationship. I want you to be with me forever."

Ytossie glances at Mark with shock and tears in her eyes, she turns to Taheed and says . "Well, Taheed. I think you know that I'll always love you. We did create a beautiful son. I do love you with all of my heart, and with the counseling that we talked about getting, I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life with you." The two kiss and Mark asks if the journey on the island has led them to speak those words. Mark adds, "I'm surprised by those words." Taheed says, "To an extent, the journey has helped us as a couple because it's given us time to talk." Mark says, "I know I speak on behalf of everybody here in saying we wish you the best in the future." Mark leaves and Taheed says, "I know they want us to say bad things about the show, but it was a good thing for us. Forget the singles and all the other stuff. It allowed us to become closer and it was worth it. Things happen for a reason so they say." Ytossie and Taheed hug and kiss, they both have tears in their eyes.

Night falls once again over Captain Morgan's Retreat. Tonight there is only one woman for each man. Three new couples join Mark for a formal dinner in honor of the last date. Vanessa accompanies Billy, Alison accompanies Kaya, and Elizabeth is by Andy's side. Mark welcomes the three couples and tells the couples that they will now find out where they are each going on their final dates. In an earlier draw, Kaya and Alison won first pick, Billy and Vanessa won second pick, and Andy and Elizabeth won third pick. Mark first describes the dates "Jaguar Paw is a rustic resort deep within the rainforest, with caves and a river that runs through the caves and you tube through the caves. Maruba resort is a private island, an incredible spa with mud baths, mud painting, facials, it's like pure pampering. Then, you've got Caves Branch Adventure Center. This is an extreme date where you will repel down a chasm in the rainforest." Before the couples make their picks, Andy tells about how he expressed to Kaya his eagerness to go on the extreme repelling date.  Kaya ends up choosing that date, Andy is infuriated. Andy reiterates that it is the date he really wanted. He says, "To have to sit there and see Kaya choose that date in front of me…I'm furious. I was pissed." He starts acting like a five year old. Mark moves on to Billy and Vanessa to find out their choice for a final date. Vanessa answers for the two, staking claim to Jaguar Paw. Mark then expresses that he realizes Andy is not the massage type, when he sees his discontent with getting the spa date. Elizabeth tries to soothe Andy's anger by assuring him they will have a good time. Mark tells Elizabeth "make sure he has a good time and bids them goodnight.

At Mata Chica, the three new couples toast at a similar formal dinner setting similar to the men's camp. Mark joins the table, and describes the dream dates Shannon and Tom, Mandy and John, and Valerie and Dano competed for. The first choice for a date is called Chan Chich Lodge, which is a rustic, romantic, rainforest lodge. The second choice is Blancaneaux Lodge, movie director Francis Ford Coppola's resort, literally carved out of a mountainside. The third choice is Cayo Espanto, a brand new, exclusive, private island with only four bungalows on the grounds that include a private chef and a private butler. Mandy and John have won first choice so they choose Chan Chich Lodge, the most rustic of the three places, Shannon looks a little upset whispering to Tom that its the date she wanted. Shannon and Tom take Caya Espanto. Valerie and Dano get Francis Ford Coppola's resort.

All the couples seem pleased, but by far, Mandy and John are the most physical in expressing their excitement; holding hands and squealing like children. Valerie speculates about what her dream date with Dano will be like. She wonders, "Is he going to be joking all the time or is he maybe going to make a move on me in some way?" Shannon has a hunch that Tom is wondering if they will get together on a physical level. Shannon remarks, "Part of me says he should possibly act. At this point I don't know what I'm going to do."

Mandy says, "Temptation is something that's put in front of you that you're normally not allowed to have. Under any other circumstance I would not be allowed to have John, but, with this whole trip, all of a sudden I am."

Sunrise over Mata Chica. It's the day of the long  final dream dates, and Mandy is busy packing for her date with John. Mandy mentions while packing, "It's an automatic response if I'm going somewhere to take a picture of me and Billy. I just didn't need it at all."

Valerie is busy taking her daily dose of vitamins in the Mata Chica dining room. She says, she feels, "blah" today so she is taking extra vitamins; thirty-five in all. She says, she is thinking only of Kaya and what's going to happen when she finally sees him.

We get a quick peek at all the newly formed couples, preparing to leave on their dates. Mandy and John are the first couple to arrive at their date destination, Chan Chich, the rustic rainforest resort. When Mandy and John see the beautiful, cabanas nestled deep within the lush, emerald green bush, they both scream with delight and joyfully embrace. Mandy sighs, "I got the best date with the best man!"

We can see Billy walk into Vanessas cabin and her saying " I'm in the shower" he just smiles. The next scene captures Billy and Vanessa looking out the window of the tiny plane thats taking them to  Jaguar Paw Resort. Time passes, and the next leg of their journey takes them on a bumpy, back road ride through the rainforest near their destination. Billy says, "It's not fair to ourselves or our dates to be thinking about our girlfriends right now. We want to have maximum fun with the people we are with." Vanessa relishes in the fact that she is with Billy, whom she says, is "the most favorite guy."

Meanwhile, back at the San Pedro Airport, Valerie and Dano are preparing to board their flight for Francis Ford Coppala's Resort, Blancaneaux Lodge and encounter the single girls who weren't chosen for final dates, heading off the island. Valerie u guesses who Kaya is probably with. She sobs to the point of breathlessness saying, "I again have a visual of who Kaya is going to spend two days with, and I'm tired of having to have that."

Alison marvels over Kaya's qualities admitting that, "He's gorgeous and smart, which many people might not realize." Alison also says, "He's still very cautious with what he does which hopefully will change."

Deeper in the rainforest, Elizabeth and Andy arrive at the mystic, Maruba Spa. Although Andy is a bit more chipper about his date destination than the night before, he mentions his concern about something Shannon told him. "Shannon expressed concern about us being with other people and just cuddling. She's like, I much rather you mack on some girl and do whatever you need to do then send her on her bike, than do nothing and spend the night spooning with her. I kind of feel the same."

At the same time, miles away, Shannon and Tom are docking at Cayo Espanto; the exclusive, private island with only four, out of this world cabanas. Each is complete with it's own pool, chef, and butler. The entire Cayo Espanto staff greets the glowing couple as they disembark. Fresh cocktail in hand, Tom comments that the romantic environment added some tension to the date. He says, "I felt like a kid in a candy store."

Mandy and John are now frolicking in the crystal, blue water in the pool at their resort. John tenderly helps Mandy unravel her braids. Mandy wonders if the act isn't symbolic in some way.

Catching up with Billy and Vanessa is hard to do, as they tube through the waters of a dark, romantic cave nestled deep in the rainforest. The only light visible glows from the headlamps both are wearing. As they drift, Billy says, "I was so pumped about our date. So excited. Vanessa's definitely a good partner to have an adventure with." Vanessa coos about her and Billy cuddling on their inner tubes.

Shannon and Tom are busy passing the day away, kayaking, snuggling, and nibbling on gourmet goodies prepared by their personal chef. Tom expresses that he and Shannon didn't expect this great of a connection to happen when they first met, Shannon expresses that she loves the ease of being with Tom. Tom watches the sunset and thinks, "I could see myself falling for her."

While Andy and Elizabeth lounge in robes at the Maruba Spa, they both lament over the fact that this dream date was meant for Kaya, and that they should have been repelling. The entire time Andy and Elizabeth get massaged and painted with mud, he complains and makes  fun of their experience.

As Kaya and Alison repel down the jagged face of a stone mountain, far from civilization, the both express their wonder at the beautiful but dangerous date set before them.

Valerie and Dano  struggling on their date. However, their struggle is simply to have fun. As they hike through the jungle, Dano wants to explore a waterfall, but Valerie declines because she didn't bring practical shoes. Dana is constantly encouraging her to explore and Valerie continues to resist. Valerie mentions that she hopes Dano will wear himself out because she says, "I know by tonight I'm gonna want to just go to my room early and shut the door because I know I'm not going to be able to stop thinking about tomorrow." On the rest of the way to their date destination, Dano strains to make conversation with Valerie while Valerie remains in an almost morose, trance like state.

Action heats up and the sun goes down over the Maruba Spa. Andy and Elizabeth's concierge joins them poolside and Andy says, "There's two different Elizabeth's. There's camera Elizabeth and the Elizabeth that I know from around here." Andy feels frustrated that he believes Elizabeth is being a "non-player" on their dream date because of the image of her that will be portrayed on camera. Elizabeth defends herself by confessing, "Andy's a very unique individual, he's very fun. I'm just used to being treated like a lady." Andy whispers something to Elizabeth and she reminds him he has a girlfriend. He storms out of the room leaving the door open. As she closes the door behind him she yells "were you raised in a barn ?"

Shannon and Tom dine over candlelight and comfortable conversation. They both express their comfort and deep feelings about one another. After dinner, Shannon and Tom watch the heat lightning flash across the ocean from their balcony, Shannon sighs, "It was really, really wonderful. He is even more than I expected." Last image we have is Tom closing the blinds to his and Shannons room and the lights go off.

"What if he did something?" Valerie sighs to Dano over an intimately set, candlelit dinner for two. Dano expresses his frustration that all Valerie talks and thinks about is Kaya because it is obvious she is really in love with her man. Valerie continues to bombard Dano with concerns about Kaya as if he were a girlfriend, not a date. After spending the entire dinner speculating over Kaya's faithfulness, Valerie calls an end to the evening. It's only 9pm but Valerie says, "As usual, I'm turning into a pumpkin." The two head back to their spacious cabana. Valerie gives Dano a platonic hug and sends him on his way. She says " I had fun" and Dano says " I'm glad someone did" as he walks away to sit on the couch, where he puts his finger in his mouth as if he was shooting himself.

Kaya and Alison's night on the other hand, has only just begun. After repelling three hundred feet straight down to the floor of the rainforest, they hike, deep into an ancient Myan cave, complete with waterfall and river. As they walk into the cave, the only light helping them make their way, glows off of the headlamps they were both given to wear. Hand in hand they make their way to the end of the cave. Waiting for them is a wall of rock, lit by candles. In the middle of the wall is an enclave, altar like area under a sheer tent. A single candle blows out, leaving the couple in total darkness. We can see them hugging and kissing.

Mandy and John's is just beginning to burn. Over a romantic dinner, Mandy and John whisper to each other. John tells Mandy he likes her hair down. Mandy accepts the compliment with a smile. Mandy says,
"I found myself sinking into this comfort level that I never thought I could achieve being away from Billy."
Mandy and John return to one of the rustic cabins, and kiss on the steps under the moonlight.

Billy and Vanessa meanwhile, frolic playfully on Billy's bed. Billy says, he and Vanessa are confused as to whether or not they should take their relationship to a physical level. Billy worries that he is giving his and Mandy's relationship too much leeway and that he might lose her. Last thing we see is Vanessa kissing Billy.

By this time, Mandy and John have cuddled up on a hammock on the dimly lit front porch of a cabin. Mandy sighs to John, "It's funny because I want to be so affectionate toward you, but I know we're both trying to be on good behavior."
Mandy tells John she is experiencing a truly amazing moment with a truly amazing guy. John tells Mandy that he wouldn't want to share this moment with any other girl.
In the shadows of the porch, and silhouettes of John and Mandy, we can only imagine what they are doing. Mandy whispers to John, "Am I going to hell?" They start kissing.

Over all:

Billy and Vanessa - Good time, spend the night in the same room.

Mandy and Jon - Good time, looks as if the spend the night together.

Andy and Elizabeth - Bad time, most because Andy was upset and whiney all the time. Spend the night in different rooms.

Shannon and Tom - Good time, spend the night in the same room.

Kaya and Allison - Good time, spend the night under a tent in the same sleeping bag.

Valerie and Dano - Bad time, she was too concerned about Kaya, he spend the night on the couch.